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Alsident Exhaust Systems

Fume extraction systems are now a frequent part of the modern laboratory workplace. Many manufacturers' exhaust arms function basically in the same way. So why would you want to purchase Alsident exhaust systems? Alsident arms have built-in dampers, which when in an open position minimally inhibit the flow path of the arm. Competing products utilize butterfly dampers that inhibit the flow path, and consequently create an increase in noise levels. All Alsident fume extraction arms also utilize acid-proof stainless steel threaded stays and internal springs, ensuring a long life for the product.

Alsident offers 2", 3", and 4" diameter arms, depending on the extraction needs of the laboratory environment. All sizes are available in a table, wall or ceiling mount. Exhaust arms can be supplied with anodized aluminum pipes with polypropylene joints, or with polypropylene pipes and joints. A complete line of anti-static exhaust arms are also available. All systems directly attach to the exhaust system of the building.

Alsident products help you to focus on a cost effective way to remove gases, smoke, fumes, smells, heat, and dust particles from your research laboratory. By selecting the correct arm size and hood from the full array of Alsident products, any of the above particles can be removed from the environment safely. New accessories for the Alsident systems are under ongoing development in order to achieve optimal flexibility for a wide range of uses.

Alsident Exhaust Systems
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